Why Join CRAA?

If you fish the Credit River you should become a member! The annual dues are a mere $10.00 (based on a 3 year membership). This is very little and offset many times over with member-only discounts at participating tackle shops like Wilson’s Fly Fishing Centre, Angling Specialties & Hook, Line & Sinker Fishing Tackle. If not for the hard work of CRAA the Credit would not have a fishery for migratory salmon and trout at all. CRAA members are opening more river to fishing, stocking fish, lifting fish over barriers, planting tens of thousands of trees, improving fish habitat and working to reverse the impacts of urban flooding and erosion. You’re benefiting from all this work and more, like the boulder placement and the new fishing section open up to Hwy 403.

What are you waiting for? Stop making excuses and get involved.

Join CRAA today to improve your fishing tomorrow!